London Mortgages for British Expats

Posted by Sean Lim on March 21, 2017

London Mortgages for British Expats
Finding a London mortgage may be time consuming for British expats working and living in a foreign country like Singapore. Foreign nationals too, find the process confusing in finding a mortgage. If you fall into either group, you may have a low number of interested lenders and financial institutions back home. Lenders may be unwilling to match your specific mortgage requirements, after the financial crisis. We at FindaHomeLoan help you overcome these challenges with ease.


Specialists in London Mortgages for British Expats

You have probably come across numerous sites offer support. We are one of the best here to offer advise. We have helped British expats access London mortgages for as little as £100k and as low as 2.6% interest rates. Up to 75% LTV and 30 years tenure are possibilities.

Range of Mortgages

We offer a wide range of mortgage products and match you to the right lenders. These lenders accept mortgage requests from British Expats buying buy-to-let homes in London. Be it zone 1, 2, 3 or 4, we help to determine the LTV available, currency and your eligibility. 

These loans are available in Singapore Dollars or Sterling Pounds. We can discuss with you on the pros and cons. Tenure can be as long as 30 years too.

These London mortgages are suitable for Investment Properties, Buy to Let, Remortgage and Equity Release.

Securing your mortgage

Our clients are drawn from all over the world with some coming as far as Australia, France and the US amongst other regions. They have diversified professional backgrounds and some are self employed. If you wish to invest in London, this is the site to get that help. Do an online comparison and we will follow up with your enquiry. 

The mortgage products in the UK have dropped significantly since 2007. This drop has been caused by restrictive conditions from UK banks and offshore financial institutions. Some large lenders like the Lloyds Banking group have announced their withdrawal from the mortgage market. This makes our services more important to enable you make the right decision and secure a mortgage fitting your requirements.

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Written by Sean Lim

Testimonials for FAHL

"I am most impressed by Sean's professionalism in assisting to put in place a mortgage plan that totally meets my investment objectives. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is remarkable. I hope there will be more mortgage brokers like Sean and his colleagues in Singapore." - Ann Tay, Jan 2017"

"I would like to register my compliments for Maggie. I started enquiring about loans since June/July last year and Maggie has been diligent in following up with me and in addressing all my questions. I recently only settled the bank loan. Throughout this period of several months, Maggie has been patient, proactive and prompt.  It is a delight working with her." - Irene

"You have given good advice, Maggie. Your website is the easiest to follow to get list of documents. We prepared according to the website and it is easy for us to understand." - Shally Tan

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