5 Tips for Christmas Home Decoration

Posted by Lizann on December 1, 2017

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Christmas is nearing! As we count down the days to Christmas, most of us are busy with preparations. We have provided some help in doing your decoration!


1. Light it up

Get creative with lights, there are many LED lights with different lengths to choose from. One good idea is to have a tall glass with small items (pine cones, candy sticks etc) with LED lights. 

You can also use string lights and drape them over your curtains to give them a bright new look! 

60061f6502d7807a2fee1fdebbcc1a5a.jpgimage from Pinterest


2. Plate it with colors

It is a lot of fun playing with colors. You can pair white plates with bold colored napkins and table clot. A good combination is red with green or blue and  silver. 

A fun idea is put the cutleries in a small Christmas sock! You can even gift the sock to your guests. 

pexels-photo-260493.jpegimage from pexels.com


3. Plants 

Fresh plants bring a calming and fresh energy to every home. Decorate walls with garlands or place small pots of plants on tables or counter tops. A quick tip us to use ribbons or chrismas tree decorations to decorate the pots. If fresh plants are too costly and require too much maintence you can always use fake plants.

 pexels-photo-251172-1.jpegimage from pexels.com


4. Snowflakes and hanging ornaments

Decorate plain walls with snowflakes, empty photo frames or create your own hanging ornaments by tying a long string to it. You can hang them around your lights or any shelves. 

IMG_2866.jpgimage by Photographer: Lizann Tan


5. Don't forget the Christmas Tree! 

Lastly, the star of every Christmas home decor, the Christmas Tree! Spruce the tree up by using wool from old pillows to form clouds on the trees. Adding lights around the trees will definitely brighten it up too! 

IMG_6635 2.jpgimage by Photographer: Lizann Tan

Lastly, just have fun with the decorations! Get your family members to help you out too!


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Written by Lizann

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